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Fact check! Kadaga claims one Hass Avocado tree can yield fruits worth Shs7m per season

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Kadaga. Courtesy Photo

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has launched the Hass avocado type and encouraged Busoga sub-region to embrace it to eradicate poverty, claiming each tree can fetch a farmer Shs7m per season.

Speaking during the launch of customer social responsibility (CSR) activities for RocketMe Agri-Farm on Friday, 26 February, 2021 at Kiige NARO farm in Kamuli District, Kadaga said she had learnt how profitable growing Hass avocados was during a recent visit to Musubi avocado farm in Mayuge.

“A tree of Hass avocado can on average produce fruit worth shs7 million per season, being productive for 15 years so this is definitely a great idea,” said Kadaga.

Even the Director General of NARO, Dr Ambrose Agona, recommended Hass avocado for Busoga.

“The growth of Hass avocado as a cash crop is great for us nutrition-wise aside from its international demand; something that should be adopted by the population,” Dr Agona said.

But available information, including from the ministry of agriculture, animal industry and fisheries (Maaif), Hass Avocado can help one earn at least Shs28m per year.

However, for a farmer to earn Shs28m per year, they will need an acre of avocado trees — not just one tree.

“A farmer can earn up to Shs28 million per year from one acre of 160 trees for over 40 years. We only need to organize our farmers to ensure constant supply to the available market,” said agriculture minister Vincent Ssempijja when he toured the same farm recently.

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