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FACT CHECK: Is Kato Lubwama Dead?


Former Rubaga South MP Kato Lubwama is in the news, and it has everything to do with speculation over his health condition. 

Some Ugandans on social media have been claiming that the comedian and artiste is dead.

Events promoter Andrew Mukasa aka Bajjo suggested that Lubwama might be dead.

Bajjo urged government to do something to help him or ensure that none of its officials attends the former MP’s burial.

It is clear that Bajjo is not sure whether Lubwama is dead or alive. He only claims to have ‘unconfirmed news from Turkey’ and a video of a man on a hospital bed being wheeled away.

According to TV presenter Miles Rwamiti, a friend to Lubwama, the ex-MP is not dead.

“Friends, please pray for Hon Kato Lubwama. He is still alive though in a very worrying state,” said Rwamiti.

Only the person taking care of Lubwama in the Turkish hospital where he is said to be admitted can speak authoritatively on his health condition.

There were previous reports of prominent people who were announced dead when they were not.

What is clear for now, at least from the people claiming to have close sources in Turkey, is that Lubwama is sick. Reports of his death are mere speculations until his family confirms or denies such reports.

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