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FACT CHECK: Did PM Nabbanja Really Tell Ugandans to Use Pawpaw Leaves if they Can’t Afford Soap?

Prime Minister Nabbanja. Courtesy Photo

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja is on the spot after a screenshot of a quote, on the price of soap and use of paw paw leaves, reportedly published by The New Vision went viral.

In the ‘controversial’ quote which has been widely shared online, PM Nabbanja is quoted as saying that people should try using pawpaw leaves if soap is expensive. The prices of many commodities has shot up in recent weeks.

The quote reads as follows: “Last time I was watching the news and I saw people complaining about shops having different prices. What should the government do now? And those saying soap is high, I remember when I was growing up, we used to use pawpaw tree leaves to wash. They can resort to that if soap is expensive.”

The quote quickly earned Nabbanja the ‘Maria Antoinette’ label.

But did the prime minister really make this comment?

Nabbanja is said to have called during Thursday night’s NBS Frontline show’s break to deny claims that she had advised Ugandans to use pawpaw leaves since they cannot afford soap. 

New Vision CEO Don Wanyama has also said the quote was fake.

The Pearl Times Fact Check desk could not find the quote anywhere on New Vision‘s platforms.

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