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EXPOSED: How Exiled Writer Kakwenza Ballooned Zungu Woman after Abandoning Wife in Uganda

A lot of trouble is brewing in exiled Ugandan novelist Kakwenza Rukirabashaija’s ‘paradise’ after his close friend revealed that the tall and youthful activist got into an entanglement with a Zungu woman and ballooned her, leaving his wife whom left in Uganda in tears. 

This shocking revelation is a buildup from the wild accusations that communications guru Anne Whitehead, a zungu woman who runs Whitehead Communications and formerly served as a communications strategist for National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, has been making against Kakwenza Rukirabashaija.

According to Whitehead, Kakwenza has made it a habit to balloon women and abandon them. In her view, this makes the novelist prejudiced against women, and also makes want to unfriend the Ugandan writer. In fact, Whitehead regrets ever standing in solidarity with Kakwenza as he battled the Ugandan state over his writings critical of members of the first family.

“Because you abandoned all the women who had your children so now they have to become single mothers without any support from the father? This is not a flex. I have said to you before as your friend, but your social justice advocacy has a massive blind spot. The more I learn about how you continue to treat women, the less I want to be your friend,” wrote Whitehead.

“I choose solidarity with mistreated women over whatever you claim to stand for. If your idea of social justice does not include women, then you are not truly for social justice. You are really just out for yourself. It’s sad. I supported Kakwenza because of what he has been through with torture, but now I have learned of many women he’s been manipulating and abusing. I can’t support that. My solidarity remains with the victims. It’s not easy speaking out on these things, but sometimes we have to. Not just [sekiswo] harassment – which he has been doing online for all to see – but also several forms of exploitation, compulsive lying, gaslighting, emotional abuse and abandonment of women whom he’s impregnated. That’s as much as I know so far. Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more.”

Whitehead also alleged that Kakwenza had blocked one of the women he had ballooned.

“So now one of Kakwenza’s victims tells me he’s blocked her before she even says a thing Preventative measures? Many women (and men who know them) are contacting me with their stories – more than I knew before this – but they all hesitate to speak out since the blowback is severe,” she claimed.

But now, Dr Stella Nyanzi, an academic and researcher who has been in exile in Europe for many months, has made a shocking allegation that, if confirmed to be true, would bundle Whitehead into the basket of Kakwenza’s victims.

Nyanzi has claimed that that Kakwenza Rukirabashaija cheated on his wife Eva Basiima by sleeping with Anne Whitehead. According to Nyanzi, Kakwenza’s live seeds have since germinated into a human being that Whitehead is currently carrying, and that the zungu woman is now jaelous and does not want to share the novelist with Basiima and other women.

“Anne Whitehead got pregnant with exiled Kakwenza’s child, after I told her that he is still married to his wife who is raising his children in Uganda. She wants monogamy with a married polygamous man suffering from severe PTSD [Post traumatic stress disorder],” alleged Dr Stella Nyanzi.

Kakwenza is not new to controversy, months ago, he revealed how he chewed Museveni’s money and refused to do what the president wanted him to do. (Read Story Here).

‘They Removed My Clothes to Laugh at the Size of My Cassava‘ – Novelist Kakwenza

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