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EX-VP Ssekandi’s ‘Second Wife’ in Tears After Losing Court Case; Ordered to Cough Millions in Rent

Former Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi. Courtesy Photos

A court in Masaka City has ruled in favour of Victoria Nawangi Ssekandi, the new administrator of former Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi’s properties, leaving the ex-VP’s ‘second wife’ Letitia Nakimbugwe in tears.

While Nakimbugwe had claimed that she had been cohabiting with Ssekandi for about two decades and that she and the ex-VP had children together, Ssekandi had months ago reportedly appointed a new administrator to his properties.

Victoria, the new administrator, had moved to demand rent from Nakimbugwe, the ex-VP’s mistress who had been cohabiting with Ssekandi for many years but was never officially married and never legally recognized as his wife.

Victoria had run to court to seek orders quashing Nakimbugwe’s claims that she was a co-owner in a number of Ssekandi’s properties as well as blocking her from collecting rent from the ex-VP’s building. Victoria also wanted court to compel Nakimbugwe to pay rent for occupying Ssekandi’s properties.

These properties include a commercial building located on plot 14 Edward Avenue, properties on plot 17 Alexander Drive in Masaka and plot 763 block 257 at Munyonyo, Kampala.

On Tuesday, September 06, Masaka grade one magistrate Peter Mugisha delivered his ruling on Victoria’s case. Magistrate Mugisha ruled that Nakimbugwe had no powers and rights over Ssekandi’s properties since she had not been appointed administrator for the same.

The magistrate also ruled that Nakimbugwe had failed to provide evidence to prove that she and Ssekandi co-owned the properties.

He also directed Nakanwagi and other tenants to clear rent arrears to Victoria Ssekandi, the woman that the former vice president appointed as the administrator of his properties.

This ruling is a big blow to Nakimbugwe, who had hoped to ride on his cohabitation relationship with the former vice president and the fact that they had two children together, to keep managing the properties and collection rent.

In our previous story on this matter, we gave details of Nakimbugwe’s allegations, including the place she fell in love with ex-VP Ssekandi, how they reportedly built houses and developed other properties together, only for the former vice president to chase him from their house, among others. (Read Ssekandi’s ‘second wife’ Nakimbugwe’s sad story HERE).

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