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Ex-Museveni Spy: Bobi Wine Works for Museveni

Museveni and Bobi Wine. Courtesy Photos

By Charles Rwomushana

In this last General Election we had reached that decisive stage and defining moment to stop and not to boycott the general election to deny Museveni that critical legitimacy out of the silly election.

Museveni was very desperate for a Muganda tribalist who would whip the anti-Museveni Baganda into the elections.

The definition of that Muganda was such that he would be easily isolatable from the rest of Uganda and mainly Western Uganda.

There were such Museveni agents initially in DP who were mainly interested in constituencies ready to do the deal.

Kyagulanyi in the meetings of Kabira Club with the Deep State functionaries put up a coalition of self-seeking reactionaries to rescue Museveni from the cage.

You whipped the population into an election well knowing it was a silly election. You put up a well-paid gang on social media to demonize and insult dissenters.

You organized a campaign here in Buganda against the NRA local leaders based on ethnicity and threatened Museveni supporters, you would harm them on your victory for their ethnicity thereby solidifying the Museveni support base.

You a disgrace who did serious harm to the liberation effort against the Occupation Alnakba.

Now feel the heat.

You wanted to repeat the same stupidity in Kayunga but the conscious liberation fighters overwhelmed you. If your gang had won, the population would be in celebrations and relaxed. That would destroy the struggle against the Deep State.

The conscious imposed this silly victory against Museveni and now the instinctive population appreciates elections are meaningless.

The liberation struggle against the Deep State Occupation Alnakba requires a United Political Front. We need the pro-Museveni unconscious masses sufficiently angry. The Kyagulanyi gang-Museveni divide benefits Museveni.

Kyagulanyi is a traitor and must not play any role in the United Political Front. Parliament passed a law amending the Finance Law and the Oil and Gas Law. The Kyagulanyi gang in Parliament were compromised not to spill the debate to the general masses.

The writer is a Former Internal Security Organization (ISO) chief of political intelligence

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