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Ex-Museveni Minister Nadduli Reveals What Killed His Son Jakana

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Hajji Abdu Nadduli. Photo by NUP Uganda

Former minister without portfolio in President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s government Hajji Abdul Nadduli has revealed the circumstances leading to the death of his son Sulayiman Jakana Nadduli. Jakana was laid to rest in Kaddunda, Kapeeka in Nakaseke District in accordance with the norms of the Islamic faith hours after he died. 

The family rejected President Museveni’s request to have the burial of Jakana until such a time when investigations into the cause of his death has been established through a postmortem examination. The request had been channeled through Kabuye Kyofatogabye, the junior minister in charge of Kampala and Metropolitan Affairs.

Although father Abdul Nadduli was a former National Resistance Army (NRM) bush war comrade of Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni and a veteran politician subscribing to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM), Jakana was steadily becoming a fearless critic of the current government and was getting so close to the change-seeking forces giving Museveni and his government sleepless nights because of their criticism.

A 2021 independent candidate in the Nakaseke Central parliamentary election, Jakana had got into trouble with the Museveni state over allegations that he had been promoting sectarianism against the Banyankore and Banyarwanda tribes of Uganda. He had made a U-turn on his plea before he was released on bail and was due to return to a court in Luweero in November 2022.

Jakana passed on a few weeks following his release and was laid to rest amidst chaos at Kaddunda Village in Nakaseke District. By the time of his burial, a postmortem report was yet to be filed. In fact, his burial was delayed because the body had to be transported to hospital for a postmortem examination. But while they were still waiting for the official state medical report on what killed the youthful son of a former minister and NRA bush war fighter, Nadduli and other family members gave mourners insights into what killed Jakana.

The former minister said that Jakana underwent a major operation following an accident. During the operation, surgeons moved part of Nadduli’s son’s intestines as a way of making the inner parts to heal better.

As a result of this consequently and to enable better healing, the doctors working on Jakana advised him to change the kinds of foods he has been eating so that he can start taking soft and light foods.

According to Abdul Nadduli, doctors were conducting reviews on Jakana’s health condition almost every week after an accident he was involved in sometime in February 2022 occasioned complications that had threatened to end his life. Nadduli further revealed that the complications included the peeling off of the skin on his legs and feet for which surgery was conducted, and included the grafting of flesh from his thigh.

The elderly Nadduli said that doctors had told them that Jakana had been improving very well and that he was on a path to recovery. However, his arrest, detention and alleged torture reversed the gains Jakana had made towards recovery. Nadduli accused security operatives who arrested and detained his son of kicking a sick Jakana and meting ‘severe torture’ on him, making his health condition deteriorate.

The widow, identified as Aaliyah Jakana Kyagaba, narrated that in the days before he breathed his last, her husband told her and the doctors that he was feeling severe stomach pain, which pain he blamed on the severe kicks he reportedly received from security operatives during the time he was under detention.

Aaliyah Jakana Kyagaba went on to claim that when her husband was released from detention, his condition had deteriorated so much that he could not stand since he was in great pain. Like her father-in-law, she believed that the situation, including alleged torture, that Jakana went through in detention contributed heavily to the deterioration of his condition.

Regarding Jakana’s last hours on earth, Aaliyah Jakana Kyagaba said that on the evening of Sunday, the former Nakaseke Central parliamentary candidate complained of severe stomach pain, and requested his doctors to give him more potent pain killers. Hours later, he breathed his last.

There was chaos during Jakana’s burial after angry mourners beat up an NRM activist called Majambere. Former minister Abdul Nadduli was also rushed out of the tent into the main house as chaos put his life in danger. (Watch shocking videos and Read Stories Here and There).

Meanwhile, an angry Museveni has ordered for a thorough investigation into the cause of Jakana’s death, making it clear to a team of doctors and security officers he has given directives that he wanted to know what exactly killed the son of Nadduli, his bush war comrade. (See Details Here).

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