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Ex-Besigye driver ‘kidnapped’

Main opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) chairman for Busega and opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye’s ex-driver Asuman Ssemakula was kidnapped from his home early December 27 morning, the party says.

Ssemakula’s son Muhammad had sent a WhatsApp message to Besigye at 2:26 but the opposition strongman saw the message hours after sunrise.

Asuman Ssemakula

“He’s since informed me that about 30 armed men dressed in black uniforms invaded the home about 12.30am. They first got people staying in rooms outside the main house demanding for Asuman,” explained Besigye.

“These, apparently, showed them the house where Asuman was, and, when the armed men were about to break the door, he opened and they grabbed him and took him away.”

Asuman Ssemakula and Besigye

Besigye further claimed that a vehicle had sought access to his Kasangati home but his security guard had denied it and its occupants access.

“A security guard at my home (Kasangati) says that a vehicle came to our gate at about 3am and someone who said was Asuman Ssemakula asked the guard (who was inside) to open for them,” further narrated Besigye.

“The person (?Asuman) didn’t disclose who he was with or what it was about. The guard refused to open for them or to get out and meet them as they requested. He says that after some time, they drove off very fast. Asuman hasn’t been heard of since that time.”

FDC activists have been arrested and illegally detained in recent weeks.

Mobilizer Justin Juuko, also a boxing champion, has been in detention for about two weeks now.

Juuko had recently returned from the US and offered to train party polling agents.

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