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Editorial Policy

The Pearl Times strives to maintain its professionalism as an online and offline journalism and communication channel.

As a news media publication, The Pearl Times is guided by the values, principles and tenets governing journalism and communication as professions.

Our reporters, editors and contributors are obliged to do their work in accordance with the media regulations and the laws of Uganda where the news and communication outlet is situated.

We are aware that although national laws and international protocols emphasize freedom of expression, there are also responsibilities to meet.

As a news publication, we strive to be accurate, balanced and fair in our reporting and presentation of facts.

We seek to stand out in our coverage of events and analysis of news stories as we continue to be part of the trend and agenda setters in the new media world.

Matters of public interest form a huge chunk of our news coverage, investigations, analysis and informed opinions.

In executing our work of informing, educating and entertaining, we will ensure independence from political, religious and cultural biases.

Our Content

Most of the content run on the website is gathered, written, proofread and edited by our team of reporters, writers and editors.

These are obliged to be truthful, independent, accurate, fair and balanced in their work.


We will strike to verify all reports before publishing them. Truth must extend beyond facts, and take into account the context of the reports.

Statements must be attributable to sources, and a strong reason must be offered as to why sources will remain anonymous.

Such reasons include, but are not limited to, the duty to protect sources.


We shall not publish content which is pornographic, inciting, vulgar, lewd or obscene.  Graphic language and images will also not be published.

Editor’s choice on submissions

Editors at The Pearl Times reserve the right to accept or reject submissions, solicited and unsolicited.

But such discretion must be in line with the editorial guidelines and principles that govern journalism and communication.

Our editors will edit all submissions to be certain of their truthfulness. We will also check for clarity, authenticity, quality and length.


Readers have a right to comment on our stories through a commentary section at the end of each report, via our social media pages and by contacting individual reporters through contacts in the profile section at the end of each piece.

Our contacts

Facebook: The Pearl Times

Twitter: @thepearltimes

Whatsapp line: 0705690819



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