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Eat your money from homosexuals in peace: Speaker Anita Among Accuses Bobi Wine of Selling Uganda to Bum-Shafters

Speaker Anita Among Responds to Bobi Wine’s Allegations on Shs100m Bribe for Each MP

Bobi Wine and Anita Among


Speaker of Parliament Anita Annet Among criticized Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine and other National Unity Platform (NUP) leaders over allegations that each MP received a Shs100m bribe to pass a Shs3.5tn supplementary budget. Speaker Among told Bobi Wine and his group to stop covering up the money she claimed they receive from homosexuals.

Also the Bukedea District Woman MP, Among also told Bobi Wine and his group to stop mudsling the institution of Parliament.

Months ago, the US government cancelled Speaker Among’s visa over the Anti-Homosexuality Act.

On the other hand, Bobi Wine just returned from the UK for the first time in a decade after London lifted the ban on his entry over homophobic lyrics calling for the killing of homosexuals. Bobi Wine says he is now a changed man on the contentious issue of homosexuality.

At a press conference to clear his name on reports that he supports gays, Bobi Wine has claimed that each MP was promised Shs100m to pass a Shs3.5tn supplementary budget.

But Speaker Among has claimed that Bobi Wine is trying to cover up the dirty deals he reportedly has with homosexuals.

“If you are covering your dirt on homosexuality, you are getting money on homosexuality and you are covering all that, don’t use this House to cover it,” said Speaker Among.

“Don’t use Parliament to cover that, eat your money of bum-shafters, you can’t say we are bribing you, bribing you for what? We are here working for our people, for us, we are here to do work, we are people centred Parliament.”

Among, the country’s number three, even accused Bobi Wine and his NUP leadership of selling the country to gays.

“What are we bribing you for? I want to request you people, before you come up with such an allegation, you must be able to substantiate. Our work is for the national service and we are paid for what we do,” she continued.

“We aren’t bribed in any way and we aren’t going to be diverted. They are trying to cover their homosexuality saying Parliament was bribed, eat your money for homosexuality, sell your country and keep quiet on your own.”

The deputy chairperson of Parliament’s budget committee, Ignatius Mudimi Wamakuyu, expressed worry that constituents were complaining that their MPs have eaten bribes.  Mudimi even said that voters were asking MPs to give them a share of this ‘Christmas package.’

“I have a supplementary schedule laid by Ministry of Finance and it doesn’t have parliamentary commission,” said Mudimi, who represents Elgon County.

“The person who said should come here and tell us because my people are calling saying ‘when are you coming? Keep something for us for Christmas.”

Meanwhile, Bobi Wine has made a u-turn on his previous calls for the killing of homosexuals. This as the US suspended funding to three Ugandan government ministries, announced plans to review funding to the army and redirected HIV/AIDS funds to non-governmental organizations. (See Details Here and There).

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