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DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THE STONE THAT THE BUILDER REFUSED: This 2022 UACE Candidate’s Answers Shocked Uneb Examiners

Uneb executive director Dan Odongo

Officials at assessment body Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb) are still trying to understand why some Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) candidates score zero per cent (00%) in subjects they voluntarily registered to offer. 

In his statement during the release of the 2022 UACE results, Uneb executive secretary and director Dan Odongo expressed concern that some candidates had scored 00% in subjects they had chosen to offer.

Odongo gave an example of a candidate who failed to answer questions and resorted to informing the examiner to stop wasting his precious time and move on to other question papers from serious candidates. According to this student, he was the stone that the builder rejected. The candidate would proceed to write down a playlist of songs alongside artistes.

The Uneb boss also noted that there was another candidate, who, after failing to answer the set questions, thought it wise to rewrite all the questions.

“One candidate wrote on page 2: Dear Mr examiner, you are still wasting time on me when there are more serious candidates? I’m the stone that the builder refused. Another candidate decided to copy and rewrite questions,” narrated Odongo.

“We are wondering why a candidate cannot even score a mark in a subject which they chose since we are still seeing zero scores in some paper.”

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