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DON’T JOKE WITH SCIENCE: Panic as Ugandan Doctor Who Opposed Science Infects Girlfriend with Ebola

Health Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng. Courtesy Photo

A Ugandan doctor in the district of Mubende has learnt the hard way after opposing the scientific assertion that Ebola Virus Disease can be sexually transmitted, only for him to spread the viral haemorrhagic disease to his girlfriend. 

In a recent meeting with editors, the country’s Health minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, revealed that the doctor had opposed the scientific view that Ebola is a Sexually Transmitted Disease.

The minister went on to reveal that this doctor’s girlfriend is currently fighting for her life in an Ebola Treatment Unit. She said that once she heals, the woman will become an ambassador against the sexual transmission of Ebola Virus Disease.

“[The Ebola virus] is sexually transmitted. When I say stay away [from sexual intercourse] for one year, I am telling you science; and you have to use a condom,” Minister Dr Aceng said.

“Someone tried to experiment it in Mubende, and the woman is in the Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU). I won’t mention names, but I laughed at it because it’s even a medical person who thought I was trying to tell stories. The girlfriend is now infected. If she survives, she will come out to tell the story and she will be our ambassador.”

The Health Ministry declared the outbreak of the Ebola in Uganda in September 2022 after a man tested positive for the viral disease in Mubende District. Ebola has since spread to more districts. The latest district to confirm Ebola deaths and cases is Jinja where two people have died of the disease. (See Details Here).

It should be remembered that since September 2022, over 50 Ugandans have succumbed to Ebola, including health workers, a hospital boss, an ambulance driver and eight children.

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