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DNA SAGA DEEPENS: Tycoon Salongo Samona in Tears after Being Blocked from Throwing ‘Cheating Wife’ Out of His House


Tycoon Salongo Micheal Kasawuli aka Samona has been left in tears after court directed him not to throw his ‘cheating wife’ Nalongo Rosemary Nantume out of their house after DNA results indicated that she cheated on him and produced two children for another man.

Samona and Nantume have been together for 34 years. But recent DNA test results indicated that two of seven children she had all along been claiming belonged to the tycoon were not his.

The two are a young man, who is currently 24 years old, and a girl who is said to be 13 years old. The male child is said to have been sired by a traditional healer while the father of the girl is not yet known.

After the DNA results, a disappointed Salongo Samona moved to throw Nalongo out of their home in Kibanga Village of Mpigi District.

According to Nalongo Nantume, Samona gave her the house as a gift and it was not right for him to take it back. Besides, she further explained, that she suffers from hypertension and the home and its rentals were her only viable sources of income for treatment.

But Samona would not hear any of this. He reportedly hired kanyamas to ensure that Nantume does not gain any access to the home. Nalongo also accuses Salongo of hiring goons to raze their plantations.

Cornered, Nantume ran to court seeking for a dissolution of their marriage as well as orders restraining Samona from evicting her from her from their house.

Presided by Maureen Eunice Ijang, Court sitting at Makindye ordered Samona and his agents from evicting Nantume from their residence as well as from destroying plantations at the same home.

Regarding Nantume’s quest for divorce, Samona’s lawyer John Bosco Mudde has argued that Nalongo and Salongo have never been legally married.

It should be remembered that the country is in some kind of DNA results crisis.

A city tycoon was recently left in tears after DNA test results indicated that he was not the biological father of 11 of ‘his children.’ Another wealthy man working in Europe was left in shock after DNA test results done in Kampala, South Africa and Canada confirmed that he was not the biological father of ‘all his six children.’ (See Details Here and There).

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