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Devil has taken over Uganda, warned Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga Years Ago

Orthodox Church of Uganda Archbishop Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga. Courtesy Photo

The Orthodox Archbishop of Uganda Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga, one of the country’s most vocal clerics, was confirmed death September 05 evening in Greece.

Metropolitan Lwanga was aged 76.

Lwanga will be remembered for speaking truth to power by condemning corruption and human rights violations, among other ills.

In 2008, Metropolitan Lwanga told The Observer newspaper that the devil had taken over Uganda.

This is the biggest sign that the Church is in transition; we have lost ground to the devil. That is why people feel free to behave the way they want. These people think that they are free but we can never be free of logos. We believe in logos or leaders being in charge. He should be at the centre of life,” said Lwanga years ago.

Everybody must learn to live like a servant, listening to logos. But instead things are upside down in Uganda. The people don’t respect their leaders. There is no hope, unless we start following logos; who is Jesus. And this Christmas I hope that more people will follow Christ, who is the word that became human in our lives. All people should go back to the rule of Christ then things can become organised again.

That year, he said nothing good had happened in the country.

“There was nothing good in 2008, just problems everywhere. Can you name anything good?  I don’t see anything. Look at our education sector, it is failing. Look at our health sector; it is in a mess, medical personnel can’t even afford gloves. Even if you fall sick and go to hospital, you might die. There is no hope. What have you seen that is good? I don’t see anything that is good. Look at the economy? We are lucky foreigners have come into our economy otherwise we would be finished.”

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