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DELETE OR CRY: US President Biden Reveals What He Will Do to Museveni, All Ugandans if Anti-Homosexuality Act is not Thrown in Dustbin

Presidents Joe Biden and Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni

In a 447-word response in which he claimed to know what majority of Ugandans want and in which he misused the word ‘many,’ US President Joe Biden – like the neo-colonial master he is – has sent a clear warning to Ugandan President Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni, Speaker Anita Among, the MPs and all citizens after the country’s leader assented to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, effectively making it an Act of Parliament.

President Biden said the Anti-Homosexuality Act would reverse economic growth gains, tragically infringe on human rights, if not repealed as soon as possible.

“The enactment of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act is a tragic violation of universal human rights—one that is not worthy of the Ugandan people, and one that jeopardizes the prospects of critical economic growth for the entire country,” wrote Biden.

“I join with people around the world—including many in Uganda—in calling for its immediate repeal. No one should have to live in constant fear for their life or being subjected to violence and discrimination. It is wrong.”

President Museveni assented to the Anti-Homosexuality Act after returning it to Parliament. Biden claimed that the new piece of legislation began biting Ugandan homosexuals long before it was even assented to by the president.

“Since the Anti-Homosexuality Act was introduced, reports of violence and discrimination targeting Ugandans who are or are perceived to be LGBTQI+ are on the rise. Innocent Ugandans now fear going to hospitals, clinics, or other establishments to receive life-saving medical care lest they be targeted by hateful reprisals,” said the elderly US president.

“Some have been evicted from their homes or fired from their jobs.  And the prospect of graver threats—including lengthy prison sentences, violence, abuse—threatens any number of Ugandans who want nothing more than to live their lives in safety and freedom.”

He decried the state of human rights violations in the impoverished East African nation and warned that the country was slipping into a democratic reversal. He then pulled out the US threats and sanctions card, revealing the consequences of Museveni’s disobedience to him.

President Biden talked of cutting aid to HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns under PEPFAR and Uganda’s eligibility for AGOA. He also talked of sanctions and travel bans for specific individuals promoting the Anti-Homosexuality law and engaging in acts of human rights violations.

“This shameful Act is the latest development in an alarming trend of human rights abuses and corruption in Uganda.  The dangers posed by this democratic backsliding are a threat to everyone residing in Uganda, including U.S. government personnel, the staff of our implementing partners, tourists, members of the business community, and others,” he revealed.

“As such, I have directed my National Security Council to evaluate the implications of this law on all aspects of U.S. engagement with Uganda, including our ability to safely deliver services under the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and other forms of assistance and investments. My Administration will also incorporate the impacts of the law into our review of Uganda’s eligibility for the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).  And we are considering additional steps, including the application of sanctions and restriction of entry into the United States against anyone involved in serious human rights abuses or corruption.”

If these Biden threats are implemented, Uganda will lose about $1bn every year. The US government says it has been investing this money in “Uganda’s people, business, institutions, and military to advance our common agenda.”

This is not the first time that Biden’s Government is threatening to cut aid and withdraw funding over the Anti-Homosexuality legislation. Weeks ago, in what looked like an ‘ACCEPT OR DIE’ threat, the US Government revealed a plan to stop giving Ugandan HIV/AIDS patients ARVS over the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. (See Details Here).

But Ugandan MPs gave the US Government an ‘IF WE DIE WE DIE’ response, passing the bill for a second time. (Read Story Here).

Meanwhile, President Biden’s US Government sanctions seem to have already started biting after Speaker Anita Among’s visa was cancelled. (See Details Here).

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