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DELAYED SALARIES! More CAOs Beg Museveni Government Employees to be Patient

President Museveni

More Chief Administrative Officers (CAO) have written to government employees (public/civil servants) in their respective district local governments, calling on them to be patient after a number of them missed their salaries for some months. 

While initial reports had suggested that only secondary school science teachers who had had their pay increased had missed their ‘enhanced salaries,’ more memos from CAOs indicate that other groups of public servants such as those in the health sector were also affected.

Besides the CAOs of Kikuube and Kanungu districts whose memos on delayed salaries we reported about last week, several other Chief Administrative Officers have also written to the civil servants in their districts on the matter.

For example on September 08, Buikwe District CAO Godfrey Kuruhiira wrote a memo to staff informing them that  the enhancement of salaries for public servants in the science category in the current 2022-2023 Financial Year had led to a wage shortfall.

Consequently, CAO Kuruhiira informed civil servants that they “may not be able to pay some staff September salaries.” The memo was issued just a few weeks to the deadline for the payment of the September 2022 salaries.

Other affected districts include Sironko where CAO Emmanuel Ocen has penned a memo in which he noted that salaries of health workers and staff in the departments of production, natural resources and works have been affected.

In Kumi District, the CAO has listed civil servants in the departments of health and production as the most affected by the shortfall in the money provided by Matia Kasaija’s Finance Ministry for the payment of salaries.

Days ago, The Pearl Times reported that some government employees had gone two months without salaries. (See Story Here).

It should be remembered that government increased salaries of scientists, including science teachers in secondary schools, prosecutors under the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP). (See How Much Money Each Government Employees’ Category Earns Every Month in NEW SALARY STRUCTURE HERE).

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