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DEAL SEALED, KIWEDDE! Norbert Mao Sworn in as Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister

Norbert Mao Sworn in as Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister. Courtesy Photo

After a year of waiting for President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni to appoint a substantive minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Democratic Party (DP) president general Norbert Mao has been sworn in to take up the job. 

When he announced a new cabinet for his current five-year term in June 2021, Museveni deliberately left the position of minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs vacant,

He would later appoint Wilson Muruli Mukasa, the Minister of Public Service, to hold the position in acting capacity. It has since emerged that Mao and Museveni were in talks for over a year as the 77-year-old former bush warlord who has been president for 36 years tried to convince the leader of one of Uganda’s oldest political parties to join his cabinet and government.

Last week, Mao and Museveni signed a cooperation agreement, after which the president appointed the opposition leader the country’s new minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

Mao would later accept the appointment, was vetted by the Appointments Committee of Parliament of Uganda and has today taken oath as he begins his journey as cabinet minister in a government he has criticized for many years, and as he starts to openly work together with a president he has challenged in previous presidential polls.

It should be remembered that on July 26, Mao addressed his first DP press conference since his appointment as minister. During the conference, Norbert Mao tackled a number of questions that Ugandans have been asking since he signed a deal with Museveni. (Read Norbert Mao’s responses on different questions and issues Here).

You can read the full cooperation agreement deal between Mao and Museveni HERE.

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