Dead or alive? Jeje Odongo opens up on claims that some missing Bobi Wine supporters were killed by security agencies

Minister Jeje Odongo and Bobi Wine. Courtesy Photos

Internal affairs minister Gen Jeje Odongo says he cannot readily confirm if a number of missing National Unity Platform (NUP) and Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s supporters were killed by security officers.

Last week, minister Odongo released a list of 177 people security agencies had in their custody over allegations, including illegal possession of firearms and planning protests.

But Bobi Wine released a list of about 400 missing supporters.

Bobi Wine and families of some of these missing people claim their people died at the hands of security agencies.

But minister Odongo told NBS Morning Breeze Tuesday morning he “can’t say there is anyone dead” because “I have no information to that effect.”

“I can’t say the unaccounted for people are dead. The President made a commitment at the IPOD summit to discuss this matter, so we still have information that we shall share with the public,” added Odongo.

The minister also said government had no apologies for arresting criminals, further assuring Ugandans there was no reason to worry.

“As long as someone has committed an offence, we have no apology. If we get you on camera doing something wrong, that is a crime. The due process of court is a different matter,” said Odongo.

“The situation is not as bad as people want to make it. Many Ugandans are able to go about their work, but there are one or two individuals who want to interfere with that, and we can’t allow that to happen.”

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