DEAD ACADEMIC YEAR? Janet Museveni’s Education Ministry Speaks Out


The director of standards at first lady Janet Museveni’s education and sports ministry, Dr Kedress Turyagyenda, has assured students, parents and school administrators that 2021 will not be a dead academic year.

The Covid19 pandemic has disrupted education since March 2020.

There is confusion on how schools will handle classes since previous reopening plans were disrupted by a new Covid19 wave.

Leaders like Dr Kizza Besigye have called on the Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni government to present a Covid19 management plan, including on reopening of education institutions.

Dr Turyagyenda says the education ministry has a reopening plan that will be presented to the nation.

The plan doesn’t include a dead year.

“All of us are anxious, but one by one, we are moving forward. Don’t worry; the plan will be released,” she told NBS TV.

“When it is released, we shall work with all our partners to effect it. It will not be a dead year.”

But why can’t the ministry present this plan?

“The reopening plan is there from the Ministry of Education, but we are do not control the processes that follow because of the Covid-19 pandemic,” Turyagyenda explained.

Dr Kedress Turyagyenda. Courtesy Photo

The ministry has already okayed the reopening of medical schools and health institutions following President Museveni’s orders.

“We [in government’s Ministry of Education] also have a concrete plan for the rest,” added Dr Turyagyenda.

She also talked of the challenges of vaccinating all learners, including those under the age of 18.

In his July 30 address, Museveni made vaccination of teachers and learners a condition for school reopening.

“We are not receiving enough vaccines, but we are looking at prioritizing teachers in the vaccination process,” said the director of education standards.

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