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‘DANCING’ IS PART OF OUR CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Lubiri High Defends Its Students Filmed Dancing Themselves in Bus, Finally Apologizes to Midland High School


Lubiri High School has reportedly admitted that the students filmed ‘dancing each other’ in a Midland High School bus belong to their education institution (Lubiri). 

While the Mengo-based school had at first denied knowledge of the students who were seen ‘chewing each others’ beans’ inside the Midland High School bus, a second statement said to have been issued by its management reads like an admission that the ‘sharp’ youths are from the school.

In its official communication on the matter, dated June 12, the management of Lubiri High School Limited has confirmed that it had hired the bus from Midland High School in order to transport its students to Jinja for an agricultural show, only for the learners to engage in “alleged misconduct.”

Following their first denial, Lubiri has reportedly apologized to Midland on behalf of their students who ‘danced themselves’ inside the hired school bus, which made some people to believe that the learners engaged in alleged misconduct were from Midland High School since the vehicle was branded.

“There is a video circulating on social media involving alleged misconduct of students on Midland High School Bus. As Lubiri High School, however we apologise to Midland High School where we hired the school Bus and to the Public at large for the alleged misconduct,” read the statement said to have been issued by the school’s management in part.

“The Students on Board belong to our School. They had gone for an Agricultural Show to Jinja.”

What makes the statement suspicious is that it claimed that the school also insisted that it was conducting a probe into the alleged ‘dancing’ but added that for now, the incident is being treated as part of co-curricular activities.

“As Lubiri High School we take a stand on the actions taken in the video to be just a mere dance of which is part of the school’s co curriculum activities,” the statement in question further read. “Investigations are underway in regards to the matter.”

*** Editor’s update: Lubiri High School has since denied issuing the statement saying that ‘dancing’ in the manner shown in the video was part of co-curricular activities at the education institution. 


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