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Daddy Andre, Nina Roz make it official in kukyala; Angella Katatumba sends message

Nina Roz and Daddy Andre during their introduction ceremony (kukyala). Courtesy Photo

Singers Nina Akankunda aka Nina Roz and Andrew Ojambo, popularly known as Daddy Andre, can no longer deny being in love after the former hosted the latter for an introduction ceremony (kukyala).

Nina Roz has been denying being in a relationship with the producer and singer. But reports have claimed that she is even expecting.

Their relationship is said to have been boosted by Nina Roz’s decision to abandon Sure Records for Black Market Records.

It is Black Market Records that manages her man Daddy Andre – and his ex-lover Angella Katatumba.

Recently, Katatumba said she had no control over Daddy Andre’s relationships.

She also admitted Nina Roz and Daddy Andre are a great match.

“I do not mind about who Daddy Andre dates. I already moved on with my life and so it’s time he moved on too. Daddy Andre and Nina Rose match together,” she said.

“They can make a perfect couple. They love each other and that’s what matters in a relationship. I am not against them.”

Nina Roz and Daddy Andre during their introduction ceremony (kukyala).
Nina Roz and Daddy Andre during their introduction ceremony (kukyala). Courtesy Photo


Katatumba and Andre, who teamed up in the Tonelabila song, separated after the latter reportedly refused to take an HIV test.

“I have no problem with Andre. You know things happen and you move on. I left because I wanted to give him time to think about it [the test],” she said in May 2020.

“You never know, you know in life, you just have to wait and see what God decides. We can continue thinking about it because we don’t hate each other; we had no problem with each other.”

She further defended Andre against claims that he had a bed in the studio on which he forced female singers into sex.

“Andre is not an aggressive guy, the way I am hearing what other ladies claim, but there is always two sides to a story. With those ladies, I don’t want to talk about them because they know their story with Andre. But for it was so calm, so cool, so collected, not aggressive. I had already left (when they made those claims),” she said.

“Let me make it clear, there is no bed in the studio. Andre’s house is like a three-bed roomed house, two bedrooms, and one room is a studio. The studio is in the house. For such to happen between a man and a woman there must be consent, so they must have had a consensual agreement, even when they didn’t I don’t know why they took long to come out.”


She says she doesn’t regret ever leaving Andre.

“I don’t follow emotion, and the white man says ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison.’ Andre wasn’t good enough for me but he is perfect for her, I don’t care what they do with their lives,” she said.

On October 23, the day of the kukyala, Katatumba sent an emotional message to Andre and Roz.

“Congratulations Daddy Andre and Nina Roz,” wrote Katatumba.

The singing couple is now planning a mega wedding.

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