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CROSSFIRE: NUP Trashes UPDF Statement on Bobi Wine ‘Man’ Accusing Security Operatives of Burning His Chest With Hot Metals

Brig Gen Felix Kulayigye

Uganda’s main opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) has trashed a statement by the national army, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), regarding the alleged torture of Eric Mwesigwa, a party activist who claims that his chest was burnt with hot metals during detention. 

Mwesigwa, an activist and staunch supporter of NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, recently claimed that he was arrested and detained by people he believed were security operatives. These, he further alleged, beat him up and placed hot metals on his chest.

But UPDF spokesperson Brig Gen Felix Kulaigye has said no security agency has claimed responsibility for Mwesigwa’s arrest, detention or torture. Brig Gen Kulayigye advised Mwesigwa to go to Mariam Wangadya’s Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) or Martins Okoth Ochola’s Uganda Police Force (UPF) to file a complaint on the basis of which investigations will be conducted.

“Having done a thorough check on all security agencies, it has been established that a one Mwesigwa Eric was not in the hands of any security agency,” said the UPDF Spokesperson. “We advise him to go to the UHRC and report or the police so that we can commence intensive investigation.”

But in response, NUP Spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi shot back at Brig Gen Kulayigye, telling him that it was not uncommon for security agencies to deny arresting and torturing suspects.

“Question” who among the people you guys torture have you ever come out to own up, even after your commander-in-chief pretended to be angry and asked you guys to stop torturing people?! Mr. Defence Spokesperson, your job is a hard one!” Ssenyonyi, who is also the Nakawa West MP, said.

It should be remembered that Eric Mwesigwa recently appeared in Bobi Wine’s office and displayed torture marks, including on his chest on which he said security operatives hit him with hot metals. (Read Story Here).

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