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Crossfire: Do you work for Museveni? Stella Nyanzi on spot for attacking Bobi Wine & Besigye

Nyanzi, Bobi Wine and Besigye
Nyanzi, Bobi Wine and Besigye. Courtesy Photos

An Open letter to comrade Stella Nyanzi (PhD) | By David Musiri

David Musiri
David Musiri

Dear Dr Stella Nyanzi,

I hope this letter finds you in perfect shape and health.

I hereby write to appreciate the time and moments we have shared as comrades way back in 2017 when we met at the ‘Women’s Lives Matter’ march.

I have looked to you as an activist who has inspired and motivated my indulgence in the struggle to liberate this country. I know we have been through a plethora of challenges as comrades.

You have been there for me in my critical times of incarceration in the filthy dungeons of the Junta and I have also returned the same favour when you were jailed at Luzira women’s prison for over 18 months.

When you were aquited, you had a dream to legislate for Kampala in the eleventh parliament.

This is a dream that every Ugandan who celebrated your courageous contribution to the struggle unanimously and overwhelmingly endorsed.

Your incontinence first manifested when you attacked your own mentor and role model ‘Rt. Hon’ Dr. Kizza Besigye, a man we all treasure.

You launched the same verbal artillery at the person of Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine “Dr. Stella(PhD) who do you work for?”.

If you can attack Besigye and at the same time attack Bobi Wine then you leave all of us with questions lingering at our lips as we wonder what exactly your agenda is!

Your indecisiveness and inconsistency is what detached the electorate from you.

Away from all that, I humbly appeal to you to bury the hatchet and move on in your self styled asylum.

First of all, it’s too cowardly an act for one to pretend to love the country from across borders than the comrades who have risked all they have to stay at fore front of the revolution.

Your pursuit for social media relevance is unbecoming and yet ‘asylum’ is meant to give you some psychological meditation to reflect, recount and recollect yourself to perfect shape.

But Surely what went wrong, comrade Stella the true activist I knew?

Why do you persistently attack people who are devoted to the struggle?

What is your agenda? What do you intend to achieve?

I want to close by telling you that for us we choose to remove the dictator and we must desist from the Gospel of ‘asylum’. “For it’s better to die standing than leaving all our lives on our knees”.

Therefore that’s why we have sought for the ‘public court’ to give the final verdict.

Yours truthfully

Musiri David

“For God and my Country “

Dr Nyanzi’s response

Comrade Musiri David my love,

Thank you for the public letter. You raise important issues. You raise important questions.

Hopefully time will answer the question about for whom I work! Hopefully time will also highlight the issue of asylum and why it became necessary for me and my children.

In the meantime, I will continue speaking truth to power, even when this truth may be very uncomfortable for many. I will never compromise my truths.

Take care, my comrade and my love!

Stella Nyanzi (PhD)

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