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CROSSFIRE: Bobi Wine’s NUP Responds to Mao

National Unity Platform (NUP) secretary general David Lewis Rubongoya has responded to claims made by Democratic Party (DP) president general Norbert Mao.

On March 09, Mao launched more attacks against NUP and its leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. (Read Story Here).

Now, appearing on NBS Morning Breeze, Rubongoya sought to respond to some of the claims made by Mao.

Here is part of what the NUP secretary general said:

First of all, I want to clarify that I am not here to respond to Hon. Norbert Mao because it’s clear he is pursuing a certain agenda. What I am here to do is to give clarity to some of the questions people may have.

I had to go through some of the things Mao was saying because I was coming for this show, but we are very busy planning for this nation. Some lies, however, need clarity. We don’t have time to go to court. That is why I am here to clarify about the lies being said about the party. This money (for political parties) they are talking about is in the law.

We want to concentrate on the struggle we are on to liberate Uganda. If Museveni comes out and praises a person (Mao), then clearly, we are pursuing different struggles.

The people of Uganda have real issues to deal with, prices of commodities are high, we have a rigged election we still want answers about then you have a person come to divert the attention of the people of Uganda.

Our (NUP) concern is not about the attacks by Norbert Mao. It is about what we are doing to bring about change.

Not all belong to Opposition

The people of Uganda are watching this. Opposition is not about being a registered political party that’s not in power. There are people who are stumbling blocks to the unity of the opposition. The word opposition is misused in this country. Can you call UPC an opposition political party?

Bobi Wine demi-god?

I heard Norbert Mao call Hon. Kyagulanyi a demi-god, but if there’s a person who has been criticized by all kinds of people in this country, it is Hon. Kyagulanyi. Even us who work closely with him disagree with him sometimes in meetings.

Respect for Mao but… 

I still have some respect for Hon. Norbert Mao, but I hope he can find himself. We have people like Andrew Mwenda that also have to find themselves because they’ve mastered the art of being hypocrites.

NUP non-existent?

Mao saying our party changed a name in 2019 is a fact. We had to behave like guerrillas. The members of NUP should know that this is a diversion. We have only one party Constitution. The NUP Constitution of 2004 that we inherited.


We have reached out to all manner of people that have disagreed with us in a way. The challenge I have is that these are falsehoods. Unfortunately, if someone is on a different agenda, regardless of how much you talk, it won’t align anything.

Bizonto and Mao

A man that many people in Uganda respected to be fighting with Bizonto now. Really?

BIZONTO WANT TO KILL ME: Norbert Mao Reports Comedy Group to Police over Viral Video Content 

NUP paying supporters to insult critics?

We don’t pay anyone to attack anyone. The people of Uganda are watching. They are intelligent and can read through the lines. They can know who is or isn’t for them.


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