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COVILYCE 1: All you need to know about Gulu University’s Covid19 Treatment Drug that reportedly heals patients in 12 hours

Scientists at Gulu University Faculty of Bio-technology and Pharmaceutical Studies (PharmBiotec) claim they have made, Covilyce 1, a herbal drug they claim can heal Covid19 within 12 to 72 hours.

Covilyce 1, the scientists at Gulu University claim, is made from natural herbals that have been used to treat infections over the years.

At least eight herbs were integrated into the final formula.

That having tried to come up with several Covid19 treatment formulas (over 70 in number) they finally agreed on Covilyce 1.

The scientists at Gulu University Faculty of Bio-technology and Pharmaceutical Studies (PharmBiotec) say they still use pestles and mortars to pound the herbs before making the concoctions.

Thus, they cannot engage in mass production at the moment due to financial constraints.

The scientists have asked government and development partners interested in a Covid19 treatment drug to avail them at least Shs200m to boost production.

But even with the meagre resources, the scientists say they have tried the medicine on at least 100 patients, with promising results, since January 2021.

Gulu University PharmBiotec says it has employed herbalists, about 200, to continue trials in the communities. These herbalists have previously been trained by the university which has a department on herbal medicine.

The Gulu University scientists say they have made Covilyce 1 in four forms: powder, nasal drops, anal suppositories and syrup.

Nasal drops are recommended for patients with mild covid19 symptoms. This form is administered through the nose, mouth or ears.

The linctus Covilyce 1 form is administered through the systemic circulation and is for patients whoses chests have been attacked by the Covid19 infection.

The Covilyce 1 form is for Covid19 patients with comorbidities such as hypertension, asthma, ulcers, and diabetes. These can also, in addition to the powder, use the linctus and nasal drops for better and quick results.

The suppository form is for patients in critical condition – such as those who have breathing complications, are in a state of unconsciousness on life support (oxygen), etc.

This is administered through the rectum.

NDA is yet to receive a Gulu University notification to start the approval process for Covilyce 1.

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