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COUGH MY MONEY OR ROT IN PRISON: Conned Businessman Vows to Teach Detained Tycoon Lwasa Over Fake Gold Deal

Tycoon Lwasa. Courtesy Photo

A businessman who was reportedly conned by socialite Emmanuel Kaweesi Lwasa has vowed to ensure that the Masaka city tycoon does not leave prison until he has refunded his $60,000 lost in a fake gold deal.

Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) deputy spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire has confirmed the arrest and detention of Lwasa at the Central Police Station (CPS) over the fake gold deal.

His accuser, only identified as Jeff, says the transaction was done on December 02, 2021.

Jeff claims that Lwasa delivered fake gold for the $60,000.

That on learning that he had been fleeced, Jeff and his colleagues contacted Lwasa to complain.

But the socialite is said to have assured his accusers that he would soon give them the genuine gold.

Jeff has been quoted as saying that Lwasa had failed to fulfill his promise, choosing to hide instead until he was arrested in Mityana District.

He also claimed that he and his colleagues had trusted Lwasa because they knew he was a genuine gold dealer working with TransEquator Mines.

Jeff has since sworn that he will ensure that Lwasa coughs the money he conned from him and his business associates.

“All we want is our money back before he gets released,” Jeff has been quoted as saying.

“He is however broke these days; that is the reason he is still behind bars.”

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