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Confusion over UBOS Jobs Forces ED Mukiza to Extend Display of Lists of Shortlisted Candidates

UBOS to Review Shortlists

Ubos ED Dr Chris Mukiza. Courtesy Photo

The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) has confirmed an extension for the display of candidates shortlisted for 2024 National Population and Housing Census jobs as enumerators and supervisors.

The extension was prompted by several complaints on the transparency of the recruitment process. For example, some applicants have complained that they know people who did not qualify for the jobs – according to the requirements – but have appeared on shortlists.

These complaints – although they remain mere allegations until they have been proven to be true – have put Ubos in the spotlight, threatening the credibility of the ongoing e-recruitment process for census enumeration supervisors and enumerators.

“The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) has received countrywide complaints from applicants who have not been shortlisted… That those with qualifications have been excluded and those without genuine qualifications are being shortlisted,” noted Dr Chris N Mukiza, the Ubos Executive Director and Census Commissioner for the 2024 National Population and Housing Census.

Dr Mukiza also noted that some unscrupulous people had created a fake online recruitment portal to fleece unsuspecting applicants by telling them to pay Shs100,000. The Ubos ED has now asked Ugandans to report such conmen to police.

“[Ubos has received reports that] there are conmen who are calling the applicants to pay One Hundred Thousand shillings (UGX100,000/=) in order to participate in the interview processes.  There is a fake online advert making rounds on social media about Census recruitment (https ://adhoc[DOT] ugcensus[DOT]infogov[DOT]sit/),” said Mukiza.

“There is no one required to pay any money during this recruitment process. Anybody who asks for money from any shortlisted candidate should be reported to the nearest police station for investigations.”
Amidst the confusion, the Census Commissioner has also made it clear that Ubos is no longer receiving applications from those wishing to work as enumerators and supervisors for the 2024 National Population and Housing Census.

“The Census recruitment portal closed on 22 March 2024… and, therefore, is no more solicitation of Applicants for Enumeration Supervisors and Enumerators,” noted Dr Mukiza.

“The Uganda Bureau of Statistics is an All Equal Opportunity Employer and would like to assure the general public of the utmost transparency in the recruitment processes we undertake.”He also noted that the extension of the exercise for the display of names of shortlisted candidates would be followed by a review, meaning that the lists could be revised.

“The display of shortlisted candidates should continue until Friday 12 April 2024. The objective of displaying the shortlist is to ensure that those who were erroneously shortlisted are reported for administrative review,” Dr Mukiza said.

“In addition, all those with issues regarding recruitment should lodge in their complaints with evidence of having applied to be reviewed by the recruitment team at the district who are working closely with UBOS Human Resource team.”

Meanwhile, you can see Names of Ugandans Shortlisted for Interviews for Payroll Jobs as Principals, Deputy Principals and Health Tutors HERE.

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