CONFIRMED: Museveni Transfers RDC Hudu Hussein, Again (See Details)

Hudu Hussein

Only about eight months in office as the Yumbe District Resident Commissioner (RDC), Hudu Hussein has been transferred to a new work station, and will be returning closer to the capital Kampala from where he was Resident City Commissioner (RCC) before President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni sent him to Yumbe. 

In March 2022, Museveni announced a reshuffle of RDCs and RCCs as well as their deputies. He dropped a number of RDCs and hired new ones. (See Full List of RDCs, RCCs and their deputies HERE).

In the reshuffle, Gen Museveni sent Hudu Hussein to Yumbe. After he was transferred far away from the capital city, Hudu sent a message to Museveni. Hudu then held a wedding ceremony for his lover before boarding to Yumbe for his assignment.

But less than a year in the job, Museveni has now transferred Hudu Hussein from Yumbe to Lwengo District, which is nearer to the capital Kampala. Hudu says that he has gained a lot of experience in the short time he has been in Yumbe as RDC.

“Thanks to the welcoming people of Yumbe. I’ve learned a lot; from cross-border security to refugee issues, etc. I am indebted to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for the trust and mentorship. Kampala and Yumbe are great leadership making experiences. I pledge loyalty and hard work. Looking forward to serving Lwengo,” said Hudu Hussein.

You can read about the young woman who replaced Hudu Hussein in Kampala as RCC Here.

It should be remembered that there were reports that each RDC job was ‘sold’ for Shs20m. But the Presidency came out to respond to the reports, some of which were made by a Member of Parliament (MP) belonging to President Museveni’s ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM). You can read details Here and There.

Meanwhile, fired RDCs have since formed a pressure group, begged for ISO jobs and cried to Museveni for help, saying banks were about to grab their properties over uncleared loans. (Details are Here and There).

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