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CONFIRMED: Museveni Says Man Killed in Swift Safaris Bus Bomb Blast was Wanted Terrorist; Identity Revealed


President Museveni has said security agencies have confirmed that the man who died in an October 25 Swift Safaris bus bomb explosion was a terrorist named Muzafala alias Isaac Matovu.

The bomb explosion occured on a bus carrying about 40 passengers from the capital Kampala to the western Uganda town of Bushenyi.

Now, Museveni has confirmed the deceased as Muzafala, a wanted terrorist.

“This is to inform you that the person who died in the Ishaka – bound bus yesterday, was a terrorist (mutujju) by the names of Muzafala, but also calling himself Isaac Matovu,” said Museveni.

“What is not yet clear, is whether Muzafala blew himself up accidentally while carrying the bomb on his lap or he did so deliberately.  However, he was being followed by CMI squads.  We shall get all of them.”

The president also noted that Muzafala belonged to the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebel group, and had planned to kill mourners in Pader.

Museveni also revealed Muzafala’s colleagues and their fate.

“He was part of the Pader group that had been sent by ADF to blow up the mourners during the funeral of late Maj. Gen Lokech’s funeral. One of them, by the names of Katumba Abdu, was arrested in a Pader Hotel with his bomb-making equipment – he has been brought to court,” noted the president.

“His collaborator, by the names of Nsubuga Hamid fled from Pader to Kampala, where he was killed by the CMI operatives while resisting arrest.”

The president also explained how the probe into the Gen Katumba Wamala shooting had helped dismantle ADF.

“The killing of Nsubuga, the arrest of Katumba, plus the killing of Lubwama Hussein others that were involved in the attack of Katumba & the arrest of Walusimbi Kamada, and 5 others that were also involved in the attack of Katumba has enabled Police and CMI, to arrest a large number of suspected operatives of ADF,” he said.

“Arresting or killing these suspected criminals, led to the hunt for Muzafala and others who are still on the run in Uganda and outside.”

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