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COME FOR YOUR MONEY: Speaker Among Tells Off MPs Complaining About Shs1m Deduction for Oulanyah Education Trust Fund

Speaker Anita Annet Among and the late Jacob Oulanyah

Speaker of Parliament Anita Annet Among has told off MPs complaining about the deduction of Shs1m from their salaries as a contribution to the Jacob Oulanyah Education Trust. 

During a special sitting to honour Oulanyah, the late former speaker of the 11th Parliament, MPs adopted a motion compelling each member to make a Shs1m contribution to the Trust Fund to help children that were being sponsored by the late Omoro County MP continue with and complete their education.

But some MPs have recently complained about the money deducted from their accounts. The complaints, some of which were published in press reports, have reached Speaker Among’s office, compelling her to make a response.

In her communication as she opened plenary on May 17, Among told all those who did not want their money removed to formally complain so that they can be handed their Shs1m in cash, with the money coming from her.

“I have been following some news and the statements that some of us make in regard to the Shs1m that we passed in this House. It was passed and was adopted. Shs1m was deducted and taken to the trust Fund. It was an agreed position by all, but you find members talking like we have removed Shs10bn from them,” said Among.

“Why do we complain about the Shs1m? And those who are not happy with the Shs1m, kindly register your names, bring your names to my office and I will pay you cash.”
On April 03, over 100 children that were being sponsored by Oulanyah gathered at the late speaker’s home in Muyenga and appealed to government for help in order to complete their education. (Read Story Here).


Speaker Oulanyah died on March 20. (Read Story Here).

He was laid to rest in Omoro District on April 08. (Read Story Here).

During the burial ceremony, Oulanyah’s father Nathan Okori insisted that his son was poisoned. (Read Story Here).

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