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CJ Owiny Dollo: I Didn’t Sleep, Failed to Eat Food the Night Jacob Oulanyah Died

Owiny-Dollo speaking during the vigil at Oulanyah's Muyenga home

Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo has told mourners at the vigil of the late Jacob Oulanyah that he could neither sleep nor eat the night he learnt that the speaker of the 11th Parliament had died.

Oulanyah died on March 20. (Read Story Here).

Days before the speaker was pronounced dead, Owiny-Dollo was among the top government officials that had flown to the US to check on him. (Read Story Here).

The chief justice says that he didn’t cry the day Oulanyah was announced dead.

That he also failed to eat.

But his tears would come when Oulanyah’s body was brought in the country.

“When I got the news I didn’t shed any tears for Jacob, I was very devastated, I couldn’t taste food. The night we were informed Mao and I didn’t sleep. I came back to Uganda for some reasons the tears didn’t come but came [on April 02] at Entebbe,” narrated Owiny-Dollo at a vigil at Oulanyah’s Muyenga home.

It was tears at Entebbe Airport on Friday as Oulanyah’s body was brought back into the country. (Read Story Here).

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