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City Businessman Katanga’s Bedroom ‘Murder’: UPDF Generals Speak Out as Tycoon’s Wife Battles Injuries from Gun Fight

A casket containing Katanga's remains during a requiem service in Kampala. Courtesy Photo

The alleged ‘murder’ in Mbuya, Kampala, on Thursday, November 02, 2023, of businessman Henry Katanga has left the nation in shock, eliciting more questions and speculation on what could have sparked off the domestic brawl that ended the life of a well-connected man, a leading supplier for the national army, the UPDF. And generals who either knew him as a friend or as a relative have spoken out on the death of Katanga.

Katanga’s death, happening days after the family gave away their daughter in a marriage ceremony celebrated at Mestil Hotel, seemed to have been a result of disagreements he had with his wife Molly.

A pistol was recovered from the scene of the crime. Preliminary findings indicate that Katanga had head injuries and could have bled to death. His wife Molly had a shattered skull and was unconscious. She was rushed to IHK Hospital for treatment.

Available reports indicate that Katanga had spent many hours of the night having fun with his friends, returning home in the wee hours of Thursday to a quarrel with his wife.

Their daughter Tricia would rush to the bedroom after loud bangs followed bitter exchanges of words.

During a requiem service at All Saints Cathedral Nakasero on November 03, friends and relatives eulogized Katanga, who died at the age of 61, as a hardworking and trustworthy man.

His trustworthiness can be exemplified by his recent election as the treasurer of a very powerful investment club. The group has people like Lt Gen James Mugira, the National Enterprises Corporation Managing Director. Lt Gen Mugira described Katanga as a man of integrity.

Noting that even prominent people in revolutions die young – Patrice Lumumba at 35 years, Thomas Sankara at 37 and Che Guevera at 39 – Lt Gen Mugira said Katanga had “played his part.”

Katanga’s uncle, State Minister for Animal Industry Lt Col (Rtd) Bright Rwamirama, admitted that there were fewer answers for the many questions surrounding the businessman’s death. Further admitting that it was not easy to stop the public from speculating about what could have really happened, Rwamirama called for speedy investigations into the death of Katanga.

One of Katanga’s friends, Maj Gen Sam Kavuma, the Deputy Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), was particularly unhappy with people already concluding that Molly murdered her husband.

Maj Gen Kavuma wondered how some people could make conclusions on “what exactly happened in the bedroom of two people who have lived together for more than 30 years.” He added: “Who are you to conclude that so and so killed so and so?”

Katanga’s “murder” is one of the most prominent crimes of gun violence this. Months ago, a bodyguard killed a government minister while a police officer shot dead an Indian money lender. (See Details Here and There).

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