STRANGE! Chris Obore used witchcraft to plot enemy Kadaga’s downfall, claims Charles Rwomushana


Former government spy Charles Rwomushana claims former Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga couldn’t survive what he suggests is witchcraft from Parliament Director of Communications and Public Affairs Chris Obore.

On May 24, Kadaga lost her third term bid for Speaker to her hitherto deputy Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah.

Later in the day, Obore was seen drunk and dancing ‘we’re in things’ at a party to celebrate the victory of Oulanyah’s deputy Anita Among.

VIDEO: We’re now in things – Watch Drunk Chris Obore celebrate the downfall of Kadaga who kicked him out of Parliament Communication Job

Now, Rwomushana, a political commentator who sometimes fronts strange theories, says Kadaga didn’t heed his warning.

“I tried to alert Kadaga her defence was getting over run but unfortunately she was surrounded by crooks and liars,” claimed Rwomushana.

A year earlier, Rwomushana had shared a photo of Obore pounding something in a mortar, and prophesied Kadaga wouldn’t survive the contents in the mortar.

This publication understands that when Obore shared this photo, he said he was pounding food stuffs.

But some people such as Rwomushana interpreted it their way.

Obore has been on forced leave since September 2019.

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