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Chaos as Angry Doctors Hurl Insults at ‘Museveni Girl’ Dr Diana Atwine in Stormy Meeting

Dr Diana Atwine. Courtesy Photo

Dr Diana Atwine Kanzira is one of the most influential and powerful women in Uganda’s health sector and politics, by extension. She is not only the Permanent Secretary and accounting officer of the Ministry of Health but she is also a long serving personal doctor to Ugandan longtime president Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni. But in a stormy meeting this week, angry doctors hurled insults at this ‘Museveni girl.’

As a permanent secretary and accounting officer, Dr Atwine’s work involves discussions and negotiations, some of them so heated that they may end up in bitter exchanges – insults inclusive. Her power and influence does not make her immune to such.

So, this week, Dr Atwine led a team of officials from the Wandegeya-based Ministry of Health to discuss with pre-intern doctors on the way forward, regarding their delayed deployment for internship across the country.

According to MoH Spokesperson Emmanuel Ainebyoona, during the meeting that happened on June 06, the pre-medical interns were updated on the available options for deployment to medical internship as the Ministry waits for communication from the Ministry of Finance on the availability of funds for their allowances.

In the same meeting held via Zoom, the PS also told the medical pre-interns that some parents and pre-interns had approached the Ministry requesting to be allowed to start internship at their own cost, to avoid further loss of time.

“The Ministry also observed that the delayed deployment of medical interns has distorted the internship cycles given that other students are about to graduate from various medical schools and these will also compete for the same training facilities,” Ainebyoona further revealed.

“It is against this background that the Ministry requested those pre-medical interns who in the meantime can afford, to apply for deployment in the internship training centers of their choice. Dr. Atwine added that they will be reimbursed if the Ministry of Finance avails funds.”

It has also emerged that a number of angry pre-interns insulted top MoH – led by Dr Atwine – who were attending the meeting. They are also being accused of tarnishing the image of the Ministry in online initiatives.

“It is unfortunate to note that some of the pre-medical interns who attended the meeting yesterday became rowdy and started hurling insults at the Ministry officials who were trying to discuss the options for their deployment,” the Ministry’s spokesperson claimed.

“Furthermore, some of the pre-interns have embarked on an online campaign of distorting information and sharing abusive information on social media against the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health appeals for calm and advises those ready to commence their internship urgently apply for deployment to minimize on further loss of time.”

Weeks ago, Museveni’s government said it had no money to pay all intern doctors. Government also sent a clear message to striking doctors, telling them to forget about salary increment. (Read Story Here).

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Meanwhile, Dr Atwine has given some details on the level of seriousness of the sickness that has forced President Museveni into a sick leave. (See Details Here and There).

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