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Celebrations in Bobi Wine’s NUP as Party Wins Gulu University Guild Elections


There is excitement in Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform (NUP) after the party’s official candidate won the Gulu University guild president race. 

Alfred Anyama Berliner, the NUP candidate who had earlier been thrown out of the race, was later allowed to contest, consequently winning the race.

Anyama garnered 915 votes against Felix Ocen’s 556 votes and Benson Alega’s 388 votes.

He will now be sworn in to take over from incumbent Thomas Lapyem Awany.

Bobi Wine, the NUP principal, has now congratulated Anyama on his victory. He also saluted the youthful politician from Gulu University for being bold. He was also glad that the university students had blocked a move by the university administration to block the guild elections as has been the case at Makerere University, Uganda’s largest and oldest higher learning institution.

“Congratulations comrade Anyama Berliner Alfred on your victory as Guild President, Gulu University. I was regularly briefed about the several attempts to disqualify you and to stop the election like they did in Makerere, but I thank you for remaining strong till the end,” said Bobi Wine.

The singer-turned politician also saluted NUP’s Institutions’ Wing for ensuring that the party wins most of the guild elections across the country.

“Grateful to our Institutions Wing for the great work. Last year NUP won over 70% of Guild elections. That’s why they’re doing everything to frustrate. They know the potential of an awakened students’ community. Nothing can stop the yearning of a generation for a better future,” noted Kyagulanyi. 

NUP will be looking forward to winning the guild presidency at Makerere where the current position holder is from the Kamwokya-based party.

It should be remembered that the Makerere guild elections were suspended after a student from UCU, who was supporting the FDC candidate, was killed on the last day of campaigns. (Read Story Here).

President Museveni has since vowed to crush the people who killed the student. (Read Story Here).

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