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CAUSE OF DEATH REVEALED: Personal Doctor Reveals What Exactly Killed Dr Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere

Dr Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere

A personal physician to former Democratic Party (DP) president general Dr Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere has revealed the cause of death of the fallen politician. 

Kawanga Ssemogerere died on Friday, November 18, 2022 morning at his home in Rubaga in Kampala Capital City. The former DP President General also held powerful positions in government, including serving as minister of internal affairs, minister of public service, minister of foreign affairs and deputy prime minister. (Read Kawanga Ssemogerere’s quick profile Here).

According to brother John Baptist Kawanga, Dr Ssemogerere collapsed on his bed and died shortly after returning from the bathroom. (See Details Here).

On Sunday, during a requiem mass at Rubaga Cathedral in the capital Kampala, Dr Charles Kasozi, Ssemogerere’s former personal doctor, sought to explain the former DP boss’ cause of death. Dr Kasozi revealed that Dr Kawanga Ssemogerere had succumbed to acute urinary tract infection.

Dr Kaszoi, who emphasized that he had been treating Dr Ssemogerere for a very long time, told mourners gathered in the cathedral on Sunday evening that the politician suffered severe abdominal pain and vomiting. Kasozi went on to say that Ssemogerere collapsed early Friday morning before breathing his last.

The personal doctor to the fallen politician further revealed that he was present as pathologists at the Mulago National Referral Hospital conducted an autopsy on Ssemogerere’s body.

He also revealed that results from the postmortem examination indicated that most of the former DP leader’s body organs such were normal. Only the urine was found to have traces of contamination. In his view, Dr Kasozi said the preliminary findings on the cause of death indicate that Ssemogerere succumbed to acute urinary infection.

Ssemogerere will be laid to rest in Nkumba on Monday, November 21, 2022. It should be remembered that Dr Kawanga Ssemogerere put some shocking things in his will, some of which spelt out what should and should not be done on his burial ceremony. (See Details Here).

Before he died, Dr Kawanga Ssemogerere also warned opposition leaders Dr Kizza Besigye and Bobi Wine as well as all their comrades never to shed blood in order to enter State House. (Read Story Here).

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