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Bugiri Residents to Get Free Quality Medical Care in Successive End of Year Medical Camp


Bugiri District has organised a medical camp that will allow financially disabled people suffering from a range of life-threatening complications to access expert treatment without dipping into their pockets.

The weeklong events will be preceded by a charity health run on November, 26 proceeds from which will be directed towards the purchase of drugs for the main event.

This year’s camp, according to district Local Council Five Chairman, Kasajja Davidson Mulumba, will take place between 27 November and 2nd December at two different sites which he says is intended to mitigate incumbrances that would have been caused by distance. Mulumba notes that residents from Bukooli North health subdistrict will access the services at Bugiri Hospital while those from Bukooli Central will access the same at Nankoma Health Center IV, Nakoma sub-county.

This year’s camp follows the one of last year upon whose success it’s built.

Following an appeal from the Chairman while drawing strategies to refurbish the district’s sorry health situation to the different stakeholders, the innovation gained considerable support and the District became the first one in Uganda to hold such a successful life-saving intervention. As a result, the district leadership received tones of applause from the Ministry of Health, and the same was adopted by the National Referral Hospital- Mulago.


At the 2022 camp, a total of 2508 clients were served during the camp and over 2000 clients received health promotion and education messages.


1521 was the number of clients who received treatment and care with a total of 7 clients referred and 191 surgeries conducted.


The event will purposely aim to assess the burden of none communicable diseases with a bias on the rates of cancer-related diseases in the district, provide promotive, preventive, curative and Rehabilitative services and provide integrated health interventions to improve health outcomes and quality of life of the people.

It will also aim to strengthen referral networks and systems at the health facility/ community level and outside the district to achieve client satisfaction.

Treatment of common Illnesses, Immunization, Nutrition and growth promotion, HIV Testing and counselling, TB Screening and treatment, Screening cancer of the cervix, breast and prostate, Dental health care, Eye Care, Gender-Based Violence, Minor and major Surgeries, Diabetic and Hypertension Case Management, Screening for sickle cell disease, Antenatal Care are some of the main services that will be offered to the patients at the two camping sites.

The camp is expected to improve the health and quality of life of the people, health performance indicators at the District, Health sub-district and health facility levels, positioning in the national league table of MoH and improved position in OPM assessment and Revenue to the District under Result Based Financing (RBF).

World AIDS Day will also be commemorated on 1st December 2023.


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