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Bryan White skips Parliament Summon over Sickness

Socialite Bryan White. Courtesy Photo.

Socialite Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White failed to turn up at Parliament for questioning over sexual harassment claims by females associated with his Foundation.

Parliament’s Committee on Human Rights had summoned the socialite to defend himself after two of his aides, Stella Nandawula and Vivian Mutanda accused him of sexual abuse.

When they appeared before the Committee alongside their family members last month, Nandawula and Mutanda pinned Bryan White for sexually harassing them.

They also accused him of failing to pay them for the work they did for his foundation. But Bryan White insists the claims are fuelled by his enemies who want to fail him.

Although the Committee expected him to appear for questioning on June 18, the socialite did not attend.

His lawyer John Bulungu of ABNO Advocates said Bryan White was “not well” and was “receiving treatment for serious issues in his stomach; he sometimes can’t move at all, sometimes spends a week in a clinic.”

Unable to honor the Committee’s invitation, Bryan White asked Bulungu to write to the MPs explaining why he couldn’t attend.

“Our client is not able to attend to the committee on human rights today, the 18th June 2020 owing to the fact that he is sick and is not in position to move,” Bulungu wrote on behalf of the socialite.

“Our client has requested us to request you as we hereby do that another date be issued to enable him attend the committee to answer the allegations against him.”

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