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Bruno K: Faridah Nakazibwe pays me for my services

Bruno K and Faridah Nakazibwe

Singer Bruno K has opened up on her alleged relationship with NTV Uganda Mwasuze Mutya presenter Faridah Nakazibwe following sustained rumors that the duo was dating.

The rumors came alive recently after Nakazibwe heaped praises on Bruno K.

“This boy is underrated. His voice will put you to sleep deep in a forest, in the middle of angry lions,” said Nakazibwe.

According to Bruno K, there is neither a love nor sexual relationship between him and the NTV Akawungezi news anchor.

He says Faridah is just his employer.

“She even gave me a job, I have been teaching Faridah’s daughter music and she has been paying me for my services,” Bruno K told Sanyuka TV.

He further revealed how the allegations of his relationship with the TV presenter led to friendship, better music and more money-minting opportunities.

“I didn’t know Faridah but after people starting allegations on social media that I was dating her, I looked for her, we met and became friends,” he noted.

“When people started these allegations I used it as an opportunity to make money, I even recorded a song called ‘Faridah.”

This is not the first time Bruno K is denying being in love with Faridah Nakazibwe.

Months ago, he revealed he couldn’t date a celebrity.

“I can’t date a woman who is a celebrity. That’s very hard for me. I don’t want to be under pressure because of dating a celebrity,” he said.

“I’m already under pressure and when I add on a celebrity woman to give me more pressure. Surely I can’t handle that.”

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