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Suspected Suicide Bomber Killed in Kyebando

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga. Courtesy Photo

Uganda Police Force (UPF) spokesperson Fred Enanga has confirmed that a suspected terrorist and suicide bomber in Kyebando in Kampala.

Enanga has identified the suspect as Hamid Nsubuga.

Terror suspect Nsubuga “was put out of action by during CT [Counter Terrorism] operation,” said Enanga.

Enanga said Nsubuga had been part of a plot that had planned to blow up mourners at the funeral of fallen former deputy police chief Lt Gen Paul Lokech.

“Fred Enanga Our joint Counter Terrorism teams, have put out of action an armed terrorist, in Kyebando, Kampala, who turned violent during attempts to have him arrested,” said the police publicist.

“He has been identified as Nsubuga Hamid, the supposed suicide bomber who escaped from Pader, after their plans to attack mourners at the Burial of the late DIGP, Lt Gen Paul Lokech were foiled by security.”

Enanga also claimed Nsubuga was hatching a plan to launch terrorist attacks.

“He was countered while on an assassination mission whose details we can’t reveal,” he noted.

“A pistol, ammunitions and other evidence of material value were recovered. We continue to maintain high levels of vigilance, as we strengthen our responses in countering all forms of terrorism.”

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