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BREAKING: Ex-Minister Miria Matembe Resigns CCEDU Job

Matembe. Courtesy Photo

Former Ethics and Integrity Minister Miria Koburunga Matembe has resigned her job as chairperson of Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (Ccedu).

Matembe cited alleged witch-hunt by the regime and the continued suspension of the coalition as the reasons for her resignation.

She has communicated her resignation in a letter dated January 25, which she wrote to Robert Sempala, the secretary of the Ccedu board.

Read her full resignation letter below…

25 January 2022

Mr. Robert Sempala

Secretary to the Board

Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU)

P.O. Box 11027



Dear Mr. Sempala,

Re: Notice of Resignation

As you are aware, since CCEDU’s indefinite suspension by the NGO Bureau in August 2021, CCEDU under my leadership as the Chairperson has taken various practical steps to respond to the issues as raised with the hope that Government would lift the said suspension.

Despite responding to all the compliance queries as raised by the NGO Bureau, CCEDU’s suspension has not been lifted. Along the way, it appears that CCEDU’s continued suspension is not and was never about the alleged compliance issues as stipulated in the correspondence with the NGO Bureau.

In my own understanding, I realise that CCEDU’s indefinite suspension was and continues to be as a result of my personal political beliefs. I have been seized with useful information to the effect that this non-conclusive response from both the NGO Bureau and the Electoral Commission our line partner institution is because of my political standing in the midst of the current political environment.

Therefore, rather than a whole Citizens’ Coalition with over 1,000 members and many other organisations being indefinitely suspended because of my individual political thoughts, and for the good and interest of these Ugandans, it is rather prudent that I step down from the position of the Chairperson of CCEDU – in order to give the organisation a second chance to live. Since my assumption of office as the Chairperson, it has been clear that Government has found it difficult to collaborate with the Coalition to the extent that CCEDU was even denied the accreditation to observe the 2021 general elections, an activity that is central to the organisation’s mandate.

In line with Article 20(a) of CCEDU’s Constitution I therefore tender my resignation from the position of Chairperson with immediate effect. It is my hope that this will possibly pave way for a re-opening of the organisation. Please communicate my resignation to the membership of the organisation as required by our Constitution.

As I step-down, I want to reiterate that, it has been an exceptional honour and privilege to serve the citizens of Uganda in the position of Chairperson, CCEDU with truth and integrity.

I am proud to have done so at a very politically challenging time, between 19th August 2019 to date when my leadership was most profound.

I want to express my gratitude to the entire staff of CCEDU for its passionate commitment to the organisation despite the challenges faced. My thanks also go to all those members that remained committed and supportive to the organisation, to do its work even in the difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please accept my prayers for your success and that of the entire CCEDU membership going forward. As the word of God says, ‘God is not unjust, he will not forget our work — and he never fails’. I trust He will find a way out for our organisation.

Yours sincerely,

Hon. Dr. Miria R.K. Matembe

Chairperson, CCEDU

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