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BREAKING: 34 ADF Terrorists Captured in UPDF-FARDC Operations in DR Congo; Rebel Camps Destroyed

UPDF and FARDC say they have captured at least 34 Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels since their raids against the terrorist group’s camps in eastern DR Congo.

In a joint statement by UPDF Spokesperson Brig Gen Flavia Byekwaso and her DR Congo counterpart Maj Gen Leon Richard Kasonga Cibangu, the two national armies say they have captured 34 ADF terrorists and destroyed four enemy camps through theur air and artillery strikes launched on November 30.

Also, 31 Congolese hostages have been released, Brig Gen Byekwaso and Maj Gen Cibangu said.

The two publicists further noted that the situation was calm and that joint construction projects were ongoing.

“The FARDC and the UPDF bring to the attention of the public that since the launch of the operations against the ADF terrorists and their local auxiliary forces, the situation remains calm on the ground,” Byekwaso and Cibangu said.

“In addition to the preliminary operations in progress, the two Forces are currently engaged in road construction and rehabilitation works to facilitate and further secure the movement of soldiers and the displaced civilian population, particularly on the MBAU-KAMANGO and NOBILI axes, KAMANGO-SEMULIKI-BENI.”

They also revealed that an awareness campaign was currently ongoing to counter ADF propaganda.

“Furthermore, in order to gain the loyalty of the population and reverse the harmful propaganda instilled by the ADF and their allies, the FARDC and the UPDF have launched a vast awareness campaign and are carrying out civil-military actions which are already bearing fruits,” further reads the UPDF-FARDC statement in part.

“The UPDF and the FARDC wish to emphasize that in the conduct of Operations, units respect human rights, international humanitarian law and the rules of engagement.”

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