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Bobi Wine: Sons & Daughters of Corrupt Museveni Government Ministers, Relatives in Charge of Uganda’s Oil

Museveni and Bobi Wine. Courtesy Photo

National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine says that some of the top officials at East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Ltd, one of the companies at the centre of Uganda’s oil story, are sons and daughters of ‘corrupt’ ministers and relatives of top officials in President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s government. 

Bobi Wine is one of the politicians who have openly expressed happiness at the resolution of the European Union (EU) Parliament for the halting of the EACOP and other oil projects over environmental and human rights concerns.

The singer-turned-politician also took a swipe at Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa for punching holes in the resolution by the EU Parliament.

Bobi Wine has continued criticizing the EACOP Project, this time saying that it was not even clear how jobs were being given out.

While some pro-EACOP commentators say halting the project would lead to job losses, the NUP boss has questioned the recruitment process for jobs in the oil and gas industry.

“I’ve seen regime apologists say we stand to lose jobs when projects are halted. Aside from this being a lie, we need to interrogate this,” said Bobi Wine.

“Who gets jobs? How are they recruited? Are they hired on merit? Does an ordinary citizen of this country, not connected to so and so, qualify?”

He also claimed that some of the top officials at EACOP are sons of the powerful, rich and corrupt members of the Museveni regime.

“Apparently, a private company registered in the United Kingdom is the one in charge of Uganda’s oil. Key members of the company ‘are’ sons and daughters of Museveni’s corrupt relatives and Ministers, some of whom stole donor funds for HIV/AIDs patients. Stinking hypocrisy!” wrote Kyagulanyi.

Some of the officials of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Ltd shown in screenshots of the private company’s registration details shared by Bobi Wine are: Secretary Samantha Muhwezi who was appointed to the position in March 2019 and reappointed in March 2022; Gilbert Kamuntu, a Director born in 1981 and appointed to the position in February 2022; and Proscovia Nabbanja, a Director appointed in March 2022.

Bobi Wine warned that irregular recruitment of sons and daughters of corrupt government officials would turn Uganda’s oil blessing into a resource curse.

“Natural resources placed in the hands of a corrupt, inefficient and illegitimate regime can easily turn into a curse instead of a blessing,” he noted.

“Check what is happening in MINERAL-RICH Karamoja! Land grabbing, environmental degradation, rights violations, etc. They’re dying of hunger!”

He also commented on the observation that Museveni has reportedly recently begun referring to the country’s oil as “our oil” instead of “my oil.”

“The ‘our’ now is being used expediently, but in reality he still views it and treats it as his personal property,” wrote Bobi.


Last week, the EU Parliament passed a resolution stopping Uganda’s oil projects. (See Full Resolution detailing reasons why Here).

Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa issued a statement condemning the EU Parliament for its resolution. (Read Story Here).

Nema also wrote a response to the EU resolution. (Read Story Here).

President Museveni laughed off the EU resolution, saying nobody would stop Uganda’s oil projects. (Read his response Here).

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