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Bobi Wine presented ‘fake’ DR forms, suggests Ofwono Opondo

Bobi Wine and Ofwono Opondo. Courtesy Photos

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has questioned the authenticity of declaration of results (DR) forms National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine presented before the media on March 09.

Bobi Wine claimed he had 25,034 forms out of the total 34,684 for all the polling stations in the country.

He alleged he had polled 54 per cent of the votes in the available forms.

The singer-turned-politician even presented files of what he told reporters were DR forms.

Some box files Bobi Wine claimed contained thousands of declaration of results (DR) forms

But Opondo says the forms could be inauthentic and forged.

“Did anyone apart from NUP scrutinize the contents in the ‘forms’ in the ‘files?” Opondo asked, raising questions on whether all the files presented contained DR forms, and if these were forged or not.

Opondo challenged the media to scrutinize Bobi Wine’s DR forms and report beyond the claims of his alleged victory.

“Why don’t you ask him to provide evidence that he won instead of just reporting his claims?” the government publicist wondered.

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