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Bobi Wine: Our protests haven’t failed; they have started small

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Bobi Wine

National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine says his recently declared peaceful protests have not flopped but have begun with baby steps.

On March 09, Bobi Wine claimed he won the January 14 presidential election with 54 per cent of the total votes cast.

The announcement came days after the Supreme Court officially allowed him to withdraw his presidential election petition.

Bobi Wine had alleged bias on the side of the judges.

He then declared protests, hinged on four demands.

But a week later, the protests are yet to pick up, prompting some to dismiss them as a flop, compared to the November 2020 riots and veteran opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye’s protests over the years.

Yet Bobi Wine says some Ugandans “have responded to the call to demonstrate peacefully.”

He shared some photos showing NUP leaders and supporters holding placards in low-key peaceful demos.

Bobi Wine insists his protests “will not take only one format.”

“Some will organize prayers, others will march, others will just do sit-ins, others will do songs of freedom, etc,” explained the singer-turned-politician.

“We shall protest in different ways as long as our protests are lawful and peaceful.”

Perhaps aware that some are labelling his peaceful protests a flop, Bobi Wine clarified: “We may begin small but through consistent action, God being our help, we shall achieve our freedom.”

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