Bobi Wine Opens Up on Money NUP Allegedly Receives from Foreign Agents

Bobi Wine speaking at the NUP DC 2023 Convention. Photo by Hillary Taylor VI

NUP Boss Rallies Ugandans in America to Intensify Efforts to End ‘Museveni Tyranny’

Uganda’s main opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) President Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has spoken out on reports that the political party receives funding from foreign agents.

In their speeches and in several media talk shows, President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni and members of his ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party have severally accused Bobi Wine and his NUP of working for foreign agents.

Museveni and his campaigners have also previously claimed that the foreigners who seek to destabilize Uganda and promote their evil intentions.

But Bobi Wine has now emphasized that no such foreign agents exist in his NUP camp.

The singer and politician, who gave Museveni a run for his money in the 2021 presidential election, has insisted that members of the NUP – and many others who believe in the party’s vision and ideals – are the ones who dig deep into their pockets to finance the political organization.

Addressing Ugandans living and working in the US at the third NUP Diaspora Convention in Washington DC on August 12, Bobi Wine saluted his “diaspora comrades for generously funding the Convention and supporting activities of the struggle back home.”

He said that this support from Ugandans of goodwill was “contrary to the regime’s false claims that we are backed by foreigners.”

Also the former Kyadondo East MP, Bobi Wine further acknowledged the Ugandan diaspora’s “dedication to the struggle and emphasised the vital role they play in maintaining momentum, advocating for change worldwide, and exposing the atrocities of the Museveni regime.”

He added: “Besides uniting comrades, the main purpose of this convention is to quicken the end of Museveni’s dictatorship. Once that is done, we shall embark on building a new, free and prosperous Uganda that guarantees equal service and opportunity to all citizens. The duty to redeem Uganda ultimately rests with us, its citizens, and not anyone else.”

Bobi Wine also rallied his “comrades in the diaspora to renew their commitment to the cause, and… to continue taking all necessary action to free Uganda.”

His delegation included NUP leaders such as Nakawa West legislator and party spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi and Kalungu East MP Francis Katabaazi Katongole, who is also the shadow minister of East African Affairs.

Ssenyonyi noted that Uganda is endowed with natural resources and wouldn’t require foreign aid if the Museveni government fought corruption.

It should be remembered that last week, the World Bank announced that it had suspended funding to Uganda over the Anti-Homosexuality Law. A number of government projects will no longer get World Bank funding after the announcement. The Museveni administration has announced it will CUT SALARIES of all CIVIL SERVANTS in a raft of austerity measures expected to be revealed in coming days. (See Details Here and There).

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