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Bobi Wine on Aceng’s statement on Lira incident: We are not goats

Bobi Wine has told Dr Aceng Ugandans are not goats after Health Minister issued statement on Lira incident. Courtesy Photo

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine says Health Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng’s statement on the Lira procession incident suggests some people take Ugandans for granted.

According to Minister Aceng, the photos and video that appeared online were of her educating masses in Lira on face mask wearing.

In a statement issued on July 12, Aceng said people got “excited when they heard about face masks, and specifically the Minister for Health whom they call ‘mama Corona.”

But Bobi Wine wondered if some people like Aceng thought Ugandans were unwise to the extent of accepting certain explanations.

Bobi wrote: “Bano abantu bwebatulabako amatu, batuyita mbuzi? [When these people see ears on our bodies, do they think we are goats?].

Like Besigye, his senior in opposition politics, Bobi Wine believes government is using Covid19 to suffocate dissenting voices ahead of the 2021 general elections.

Besigye said Aceng’s explanation was pathetic and “it’s very sad watching Dr Ruth Aceng degenerate quickly to become another typical ‘NRM cadre.”

Both Bobi and Besigye also agree that the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) is taking advantage of the Covid19 restrictions to campaign.

“As the regime pushes for what they call a scientific election, NRM politicians across the country are organising public rallies and other gatherings,” he said.

He claimed “this is just one of the other gatherings she has convened from the time she announced her candidature.”

“No amount of covering up will cause us to accept the nonsense called a scientific election!” he continued.

He further noted that Aceng’s action presented a clear case of “double standards” which “must be exposed and rejected.”

“This is the same person who has signed regulations banning boda boda operations, religious gatherings, arcades’ operations, schools.”

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