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Bobi Wine: Museveni regime agents offered money to Eddie Mutwe, Nubian Li to betray me

Bobi Wine, Eddie Mutwe, Nubian Li and Museveni. Courtesy Photos

National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi has alleged that his body guard Edward Rodgers Sebuufu aka Eddie Mutwe, and singing partner Ali Bukeni aka Nubian Li rejected money offered by the Yoweri Museveni regime to betray the ‘struggle.’

Nubian Li and Eddie Mutwe are some of NUP supporters detained over allegations, including illegal possession of fire arms.

Bobi Wine now claims Nubian Li and Eddie Mutwe are being detained for refusing money from Museveni’s regime to betray him and ‘the struggle.’

“For comrades like Nubian Li and Eddie Mutwe, their crime is even more severe. How dare they reject the many offers of money which the regime made to them to betray me?” claimed Bobi Wine.

“For the past three years, the regime has sent countless envoys to all people I work with closely. Some have been offered money, others jobs, others trips abroad, others land, etc.”

The singer-turned-politician praised Mutwe and Li for their bravery and for rejecting money from Museveni’s agents.

He further alleged that Museveni’s envoys had threatened Mutwe and Li for refusing the money offers.

“Nubian Li, Eddie and other leaders have been some of their key targets. These two flatly rejected these offers and the envoys were very clear: ‘You will not love the consequences.”

Pearl Times News could not independently verify Bobi Wine’s allegations.

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