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Bobi Wine: Museveni is Pushing Us to the Wall but He Will Soon Cry

Bobi Wine and Museveni

National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine says that President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa museveni is pushing Ugandans to the wall but insisted a united opposition could make the 77-year-old president cry.

Bobi Wine and his NUP party are still truing to come to terms with the shocking loss of their candidate Harriet Nakwedde in the Kayunga LCV byelection.

According to Bobi Wine, Kayunga’s election results were Museveni’s act of broad day robbery of the will of NUP voters.

The singer-turned-politician says the reactions from the declaration of National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate Andrew Muwonge as winner of the Kayunga byelection show him how far Museveni has gone in making Ugandans tired of his regime.

But he told his supporters that causing the fall of the Museveni regime would take collective effort.

“Reading all your comments and thoughts, it seems clear that Museveni is pushing the people of Uganda to the limits,” said the singer-turned-politician.

“I want to assure all our people that we are listening to you. We must remember that each one of us has an equal stake in this country. We also have an equal responsibility to deliver our nation from this mess.

“Before you ask what your leaders are doing, first ask yourself what you are doing. Our duty as leaders is to encourage and offer guidance. Whatever you can do individually or collectively, do it. Let each one of us be as disturbed and as determined to cause change.”

Although he and his NUP previously snubbed opposition unity efforts such as Dr Kizza Besigye’s People’s Front for Transition (PFT), it seems the Kayunga poll shocker has made Bobi Wine realize the urgent need for concerted efforts.

“We need to have an honest conversation about the direction of the struggle against dictatorship in this country. It is the oppressor and not the oppressed who defines the course of the struggle,” noted the NUP leader.

“Together as a people united, we can and must remove Museveni and build a new Uganda.”

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