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Bobi Wine Fumes as State Slaps ‘NUP Catholic Priest’ with Murder Charges

Bobi Wine and Busanje Catholic Parish priest Rev Fr Richard Mugisha. Courtesy Photos

National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has criticized the state for charging Masaka priest Reverend Father Richard Mugisha, a cleric supportive of the people power movement, with murder.

Rev Fr Mugisha is the priest at Bisanje Catholic Parish in Masaka Catholic Diocese.

The reverend now faces murder charges relating to the the killing of a suspected chief named Ronald Kyeyune.

Police alleges that on the night of Tuesday, October 13, 2021, while at Bisanje Catholic Parish, Rev Fr Mugisha and a one Joseph Mutayomba beat up and killed Kyeyune, 30.

Kyeyune was accused of breaking into Rev Fr Mugisha’s home at Bisanje Catholic Parish.

It is further alleged that Kyeyune had entered the cleric’s residence through the roof with the intention of stealing his Toyota Harrier.

But the village security team, led by Chairperson Mutayomba (Fr Mugisha’s co-accused), arrested Kyeyune.

Mutayomba says that the village security team on patrol on October 13 night had reached near the priest’s home when they heard a car hooting.

The team had moved into Mugisha’s compound, surrounded his car, only to behold a na*ed man who had smeared himself with motor vehicle oil in the back seat.

Fr Richard Mugisha charge sheet.

Greater Masaka Regional Police spokesperson Muhammad Nsubuga has been quoted as saying that officers had rescued Kyeyune without any injuries but would later develop complications, which he succumbed to, and they drove him to Masaka Regional Referral Hospital.

Now, Bobi Wine claims Kyeyune died in a police cell.

The NUP leader also says Fr Mugisha is being persecuted for opposing the Museveni administration.

“A catholic priest urged people to vote change and condemned human rights abuses. A thief was recently caught stealing his car and taken to police. The alleged thief was found dead in police custody,” alleged Bobi Wine.

“Now the priest has been charged with murder. The price of fighting dictatorship!”

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